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Eulanda Sanders, PHD

Founder / Consultant

Dr. Eulanda A. Sanders, an esteemed innovator and educator, is widely recognized for her profound impact on career management and job search methodologies, particularly in apparel, merchandising, and design. With roles as a chief strategist and professor, she has spearheaded numerous initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Dr. Sanders' leadership has fueled growth in academic departments, fostering excellence and inclusivity while launching advanced academic programs and enhancing student learning facilities. Her advisory and coaching expertise has guided numerous graduate students to successful completion, facilitating academic and professional growth. With research interests spanning creative scholarship, cultural expressions through apparel, and technology integration in fashion design, Dr. Sanders has curated numerous exhibitions, earning widespread acclaim and multiple design awards. With over three decades of teaching experience, her workshops, presentations, and lectures have influenced countless students and professionals globally. As a Fulbright Scholar deeply involved in environmental and cultural research, Dr. Sanders is a leading figure in shaping the future of fashion and design education.

Eulanda A. Sanders, PHD
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