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Jian Yu, MS


Jian Yu, a Junior Data Analyst, holds a Master's degree from Iowa State University and a Bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University, specializing in Python, SQL, and Tableau. Proficient in data visualization, sentiment analysis, and statistical modeling, Jian is adept at PostgreSQL, PivotTables, and time series analysis. At Ping’ An Insurance in China, Jian enhanced systems and optimized data for actionable insights, managing insurance renewals and creating essential Excel reports. Academic projects, including Percja Paint Login System design and sentiment analysis using Python and Tableau, showcased Jian's analytical prowess. Ranked in the top 10 of the 2020 SAP ERPsim competition and named on the College of Business Administration Dean's list, Jian's exceptional performance and leadership potential are evident. Regular contributions to UNICEF reflect their commitment to social impact. With a solid foundation in information systems and proven analytical skills, Jian is poised to excel in data analysis, driving operational improvements and strategic decision-making.

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Jian Yu, MS
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