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“Why INNOVATION Insights: The Power of Storytelling”

At INNOVATION Insights…We challenge you to be moved, to explore, reimagine, and innovate within your spheres of influence. Let's be the catalysts of change and the harbingers of progress.

Over the first few weeks of 2024, I have reflected on the formative months of INNOVATION Insights. Innovation can occur in solitude, but its true essence is magnified when shared, and storytelling is a vital medium for this. INNOVATION Insights is a platform for sharing remarkable stories and enabling others to share theirs. I am eager to lead you through my narrative. This journey forged this venture and highlighted the pivotal role of storytelling in personal and professional lives. My storytelling endeavors have been varied and rich, encompassing drawing, painting, photography, fashion and textile design, research, and often integrating technology. Each avenue has provided a unique lens to discover and relay untold stories, offering fresh viewpoints and deep insights. INNOVATION Insights has centered around revealing and illuminating those hidden stories, underscoring the significance and impact of owning and sharing one's narrative.

The Beginning - Storytelling Through Design

As a young apparel designer, my career began with a profound understanding: our appearance narrates our story before we speak. In those early years, I realized the power of non-verbal communication and its role in personal storytelling. My designs were more than just clothes; they were narratives woven, knitted, or crocheted into the fabrics used to create garments, helping people express themselves without uttering words.

Academic Adventures - Fashioning Stories in Education

My transition into academia opened a new chapter. As a faculty member, I had the privilege of mentoring budding designers. Here, storytelling took a different form. I guided students in capturing the essence of their designs through portfolios, enabling them to weave their creativity, skill, and personal journey into a narrative that spoke volumes. Whether through sketches, fabric choices, or the final product, each portfolio was a unique story waiting to be told.


My journey as a scholar has been two-fold: as a designer and artist, creating work textiles and clothing exhibited internationally to communicate the story of the materials, process, or symbolism. The second was as a researcher working with qualitative data or information – mainly written narratives or interviews. My journey as a scholar has been integral to INNOVATION Insights. I have honed the art of collecting stories through interviews and narrative research techniques, uncovering the rich, multifaceted tales that form the backbone of our human experience.


A Mentor's Narrative - Guiding Professional Stories

Later, as an administrator, I mentored graduate students and faculty; therefore, my role in storytelling evolved. I helped aspiring professionals craft their stories through job applications, resumes, curriculum vitae, academic tenure and promotion dossiers, and award nominations via physical and digital portfolios. Each of these was a medium to articulate a story, a personal brand, a journey. The challenge was presenting these narratives authentically and strategically, ensuring they resonated with their intended audience.

The Birth of INNOVATION Insights

This career evolution led me to a realization: life is indeed about the journey and the stories we gather along the way. But more importantly, it is about how we tell these stories. That is a significant reason why I started INNOVATION Insights.


At INNOVATION Insights, we have taken storytelling to a new level. Through our podcast and blog, we share stories and explore what makes each narrative unique and impactful. But our mission goes beyond just telling stories. We are here to empower others to tell theirs.

Why is this important, you might ask? In a world inundated with information and narratives, often, our stories get lost or, worse, are told by others in a way that does not align with our truth. Misguided narratives can shape perceptions inaccurately, so having a voice and the ability to share one's story authentically and strategically is more crucial than ever.


Empowering Others to Tell Their Professional Stories

At INNOVATION Insights, we provide a platform and tools for individuals from various industries to articulate their career journeys. Whether you are a student or a professional, you are someone with a story, and we are here to help you shape and share it. Our consulting and coaching services are tailored to ensure your narrative stands out, reflects your true self, and resonates with your audience or future employer.


The Essence of Authentic and Strategic Storytelling

But what does it mean to tell a professional story authentically and strategically? Authenticity in storytelling comes from a place of honesty and vulnerability. It is about being true to oneself and one’s professional experiences. On the other hand, strategic storytelling involves understanding the audience (recruiters, supervisors, etc.) and crafting the narrative in an engaging and relatable way that meets industry or organizational standards. It is about finding the right balance between authenticity and professionalism.


The INNOVATION Insights’ Approach

Through our blog and podcast, we explore these dimensions of storytelling. We share innovators' real-life stories, insights, and tips that inspire. We delve into the nuances of effective communication, personal branding, and narrative building. Our goal is to equip you with the skills to tell your professional story authentically and effectively. To help you, we at INNOVATION Insights have categorized our support into three areas: 1) Consulting Services, 2) Coaching Services, and 3) Career Management. More information is to come in the next week.

Your Story, Your Legacy

Your story is your legacy. It is a mosaic of your experiences, beliefs, and dreams. At INNOVATION Insights, we are committed to helping you tell it in the most powerful way possible. Join us in this endeavor not just to tell stories but to tell them authentically and strategically. Let INNOVATION Insights help you share your professional story and build your legacy.


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