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INNOVATION Insights webinars democratize knowledge, connect experts with a global audience, and offer a dynamic online learning experience. Our sessions incorporate real-world case studies and practical examples, offering actionable takeaways that can be applied in the workplace.

Our Webinars provide access to expert insights and advice from seasoned professionals and thought leaders in the fields of career development and innovation. Participants can gain valuable knowledge on the latest strategies for advancing their careers, navigating challenges, and fostering innovative thinking.

Welcome to INNOVATION Insights Live!

Join us for an engaging dialogue on Future-Proofing the Hospitality Industry with the founders of Learn how Tim Flohr, Lisa Cain, and Robert Thompson are tackling global workforce shortages in hospitality through innovative solutions. Discover how their platform bridges the gap between talent and leadership roles, revolutionizing collaboration among employers, students, and educators. Drs. Valerie Salter and Eulanda Sanders, consultants at INNOVATION Insights and esteemed members of the academic advisory committee for Hospitality Internships, will be your co-hosts. Don't miss this session exploring the future of hospitality workforce development!

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