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"Brittany Allen's Innovative Journey in Fashion"

Updated: Apr 4

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Hello, and welcome back to INNOVATION Insights! I am thrilled to share a story close to my heart – the journey of a former student, Brittany Allen, whose innovative spirit in fashion has inspired me. Brittany, a standout talent from Project Runway All Stars 2023, has embarked on an exciting venture: a fitness fashion line that beautifully marries the realms of activewear and high fashion.

My Journey with Brittany 

I was fortunate to have Brittany as a student in a graduate-level course I taught. Witnessing her growth from a promising student to a trailblazing designer has been a remarkable experience. Over the years, we have stayed in touch, and her success has been a source of great pride for me. Additionally, I have connections with the faculty of her undergraduate program at the University of Arkansas, a group of educators I deeply respect and have known for many years. Seeing Brittany flourish, partly due to her foundational education there, has been incredibly fulfilling.

Brittany's Path of Innovation in Fashion 

Brittany's approach to fashion is nothing short of revolutionary. Her recent collaboration with Peloton in creating a dynamic fitness fashion line is a testament to her creative prowess. She has boldly stepped beyond the traditional confines of activewear, introducing designs that are functional for fitness and stylishly versatile.

A Fusion of Color and Confidence 

What sets Brittany's designs apart is her fearless use of color and pattern. She challenges the norm of neutral activewear, infusing her line with joy and vibrancy. Her belief that clothing should inspire confidence and excitement is evident in every piece she creates. This philosophy resonates with me, as fashion should be an empowering tool for self-expression.

Learning from Brittany’s Evolution 

Reflecting on Brittany's journey, I am reminded of the importance of a well-rounded education in fashion. Her transition from merchandising studies to mastering design highlights the need for a holistic understanding of the industry. Brittany's move to Austin, Texas, further shaped her unique style, allowing her creativity to flourish in a city known for its artistic and unapologetic individuality.


Teaching, Mentoring, and the Future 

Aside from her design achievements, Brittany's dedication to teaching and mentoring aspiring designers is admirable. It echoes my belief in the importance of guiding the next generation. Her ability to balance creativity with the business aspects of fashion is a valuable lesson for all budding designers.


Brittany’s Message of Resilience and Innovation 

Brittany's journey, especially her experiences on Project Runway, highlights the importance of resilience and self-belief in the face of challenges. Her story is a powerful reminder to stay true to one’s vision and to innovate relentlessly.


Brittany Allen's journey in fashion, marked by bold innovation and a commitment to empowering women, is a narrative I hold dear. Her success is a testament to her talent and the foundational role of education and mentorship in the fashion industry. As we continue exploring innovation in various fields, let Brittany's story be an inspiration, encouraging us all to think differently and passionately pursue our passions.

To view my entire interview with Brittany, click here and her Chrystal Collection that dropped on December 8, 2023 - here.


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