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"Octo Mom"

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

At INNOVATION Insights…We challenge you to be moved, to explore, reimagine, and innovate within your spheres of influence. Let's be the catalysts of change and the harbingers of progress.

Octo Mom

You may recall the buzz around "Octomom" in 2009, Natalie Suleman, who gave birth to the first surviving octuplets. Today, I want to talk about a different, incredibly special octogenarian in my life – my mother, Martha Sanders, affectionately now known as my “Octo Mom.” This tribute is to her, the cornerstone of innovation in my life.

Last month was a monumental occasion as Martha turned 80 years old. Celebrating her birthday was a reminder not just of the years she has graced this world but of the profound impact she has had on every life she has touched, mine especially. Every day, I count my blessings, for I share moments and a lifetime with her. My sister and I co-caretake for our mother after the passing of our father -- a journey of love and learning, which has proven to be the best gift life has offered me.

The tapestry of Martha’s life is woven with rich threads of laughter. Her 80-year journey is not merely about the time spent on this earth, but a life lived to the fullest with an unrelenting vivacity. Her “innovative insights” come from intelligence, grace, wit, humor, and remarkable fortitude. Even as she adapts to the changes that aging brings, she does so with the creativity and resilience that I have come to know as her unique form of innovation.

My mom’s life is a story of bravery and beauty – from the danger she faced while giving birth to me due to preeclampsia to her impeccable sense of aesthetics and the open-hearted hospitality that made our childhood and family homes warm and

welcoming. In her longstanding role as a 4-H leader, she has sculpted youths’ futures with the same tenderness and wisdom she graces her grandchildren and great-grandchildren, sharing a legacy of love and learning. Martha's generosity is her signature, generously sharing her time, knowledge, and heartfelt advice.

Martha’s navigation through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) has illuminated paths for her children and taught us to cherish every spectrum of humanity. Her leadership extends into the community, where she kindles the spirit of togetherness, fostering a sense of action as a former leader of local Jaycee Clubs (now known as United States Junior Chamber) and within church communities, such as being a deaconess at New Hope Baptist Church in Denver, Colorado.

Martha Sanders is a mosaic of qualities, each reflecting her dynamic character. As fervent in supporting her children’s aspirations and cheering for the Denver Broncos, Martha exemplifies a team spirit that uplifts and energizes. A few characteristics I cherish about

Martha are her:

  • love of music brings a vibrant soundtrack to our homes even today,

  • a zeal for documentaries underscores a lifelong quest for knowledge and an earnest desire to comprehend the world's complexities; and

  • a sense of style is as timeless as her values, displaying an elegance she carries effortlessly into every aspect of life.

To say our family hit the jackpot with a mother would be an understatement. Martha Sanders is innovation personified – not in gadgets and apps, but in the art of living, loving, and leading by example.

This tribute, INNOVATION Insights, honors my mom, a woman who has been the foundation of innovation in my life. She teaches us that innovation is not just about grand inventions; it is about the novel ways we approach daily life, the creativity in our relationships, and the courage with which we face our challenges. Thank you, Mom, for being the foundation of innovation in my life and showing me daily what it truly means to live innovatively.

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