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"Polished Dreams: Over A Decade of Color and Innovation at ProNails Spa"

Updated: Apr 4

At INNOVATION Insights…We challenge you to be moved, to explore, reimagine, and innovate within your spheres of influence. Let's be the catalysts of change and the harbingers of progress.

Hello, nail enthusiasts and innovation seekers! I'm excited to dive into a topic close to my heart (hands and feet!) – the world of nail salons, specifically ProNails in Ames, Iowa. As someone who has been a loyal customer for 11 years, I have got some pretty fun stories to share, including how ProNails’ technicians, Phoenix and Hannah, created the official INNOVATION Insights pink color for me using Dipping Colors - DD47 & DD113.

Meet Bi Ayers: Entrepreneur

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Bi Ayers, co-owner of ProNails, with his wife Anh, on my podcast, INNOVATION Insights. Bi's journey is inspiring – from a Vietnamese-American immigrant at 15 to a successful entrepreneur and author. His book, Polished: How Nail Salons Saved Vietnamese-Americans, offers a unique blend of memoir and business insights.

A Culture of Inclusivity and Laughter at ProNails

One thing that stands out about ProNails is the welcoming, inclusive culture Bi and Anh have nurtured. It is a place where everyone knows your name (and your favorite nail color!). This culture extends beyond the salon walls – Bi's book discusses how nail salons have been pivotal in the economic empowerment of the Vietnamese community in the U.S.


Let’s not forget the humor that bubbles up whenever I visit ProNails. Whether it is sharing a laugh with the technicians, joking about them being my longest relationship (11 years strong!), or offering to be their official hand model, there is never a dull moment.

Polished: A Book Blending Memoir and Business Acumen

Bi's insights on innovation in the nail industry are particularly fascinating. He emphasizes the importance of adapting to change in terms of services offered and business strategies. For instance, keeping up with trends like dipping powder or chrome nails is not just about being fashionable; it is about meeting client needs and staying relevant.


If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, especially an immigrant entrepreneur, Bi's story is a goldmine of inspiration. He encourages not being deterred by language barriers or cultural differences and emphasizes the value of learning from others. His approach to business – focusing on customer service, being open to change, and nurturing a positive work culture – is applicable across industries.

The Broader Impact of Small Businesses 

In a broader context, small businesses like ProNails play a significant role in local economies and communities. They provide job opportunities, bring diversity, and can even have a global impact through supply chains and influencing first-generation entrepreneurs.


As for the future of ProNails, Bi, and Anh envisions continued growth and improvement, always focusing on serving their clientele better. His dedication to sharing knowledge and experiences for the betterment of the industry is truly commendable.

Conclusion: The Essence of Innovation in Everyday Business

So, what is my takeaway from this delightful conversation with Bi? Innovation is about groundbreaking technology and adapting, connecting, and bringing unique talents to create positive change. And sometimes, that change starts with a dash of color on your nails!


I am signing off and have my nail appointments booked for six months. When you book yours, consider trying the official INNOVATION Insights pink next time! Keep innovating and adding color to your life!

To view my entire interview with Bi, click here.


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